Agent Spotlight – Pouria Nikravan – A Vancouver Commercial Real Estate Agents

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Meet Pouria – A REALTOR® Who knows a Thing or Two About Vancouver Commercial Real Estate Asset Classes

What is one of the best ways to engage investors, educate them, and attract new buyers?

Mr. Nikravan understands that it has to do with the value of relationships. He has been specializing in Retail Property Investment and has had a host of sales successes in the past 12 months.

He understands the value of relationship building and considers this the key to success. “Nearly 90% of our clients are referrals and repeat buyers. It’s about the quality of the relationship we build with our clients, from the first-time investors to those who are constantly searching for the latest investment. It’s about creating value and ensuring that you as an agent have worked your hardest to validate the trust that was bestowed on you,” said Pouria.

Today we talk to Pouria about what he values in commercial real estate, growing niche markets, and the power of strong interpersonal skills.

1.    You are one of the people under 30 who is making a mark in real estate! What do you specialize in?

My passion and addiction are in retail, but Vancouver is a global market with very savvy investors. Therefore, it is key to understand that there are different asset classes and investors may be interested in finding unique opportunities to diversify their investment portfolio. Servicing them means knowing what these asset classes are and working with our clients to create value and exceed their expectations.

2.    What motivates you about real estate and why are you energized by it?

Problem-solving and overcoming challenges that are associated with real estate is what motivates me– it isn’t just about the property, it’s much more than that. To succeed, you need to not only understand what motivates the owners but to know the local and global economic challenges and how to turn them into opportunities.

3.    What do you do for fun to decompress from the world of selling real estate investments?

I spend time with my wife and family, and I love the outdoors, I mean we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Spending time in the outdoors for me means walking my dog, going camping and taking in the scenery.

4.    What are you most proud of?

Having clients who have a lot of investment experience in the industry and having them trust me with their investments. It’s intriguing to speak with them about current market trends and what avenues they want to explore, maybe it’s answering questions – I look forward to years of working with people.

Pouria has built a solid business focus of dedication, communication, determination, and trust while embodying the ability to cater and adapt to all of his client's real estate needs. “Just as the real estate industry evolves to become more competitive and efficient, so do I – but I also try to keep a hand on my experience, because I feel it informs my ability to assist clients in getting the right results."


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