Condos are a popular form of living in British Columbia, as they are able to maximize the use of limited space in built-up areas. Coquitlam is a popular city for condo living, with prices for this type of property ranging anywhere from the high $380,000 mark through to just under $2 million. With such a variety on offer, we want to help you make the most of a Coquitlam property, and have put together our top 10 things to maximize your condo living in Coquitlam guide.

As with much of the real estate market across BC and Greater Vancouver, property prices in Coquitlam have seen positive growth over the last 12 months. The number of condo sales is up by 4 percent in the Greater Vancouver area, demonstrating the growing demand for these types of properties.

There are a number of differences between traditional residential real estate homes and condos, however, and you will need to factor these in to maximize your condo living lifestyle and space when living in Coquitlam.

How Can I Maximize My Condo Living in Coquitlam?

#1 Stick to a Budget

If you are yet to purchase a condo in Coquitlam, you should do your research beforehand to see what you can afford, and what types of condos fall into your allocated price bracket. Overspending on purchasing a condo can mean that you may not meet the budget you require to furnish your condo or put towards the bills.

The maintenance fee is one of the most notable fees you will pay during condo life and contributes to the upkeep and management of your building. The amount you pay each month should be an important factor in your budgeting. The more amenities on offer (ie, swimming pools, hot tubs), then the higher the maintenance fee will usually be.

#2 Do you need Parking?

Parking is a valuable amenity if you have a vehicle, and isn’t always included with a Coquitlam condo. If you are looking to purchase a condo and require parking, then you will need to ensure you research buildings that include it as standard (typically in underground parking garages). If you are looking to purchase a condo but don’t require parking, you could always look to purchase a condo with a parking space and rent it out to those who need one.

#3 Establish Boundaries

In many Coquitlam condos, spaces can serve multiple purposes all at the same time. In order to maximize your living space whilst minimizing dysfunction and clutter, you should look to create clear boundaries or ‘areas’ with strategic placement of decorative items, objects, or furniture. 

In many instances, your office space may also serve as your living room. In this circumstance, it can be beneficial to place your office ‘area’ against a bold or dark feature wall, to highlight this space for its clear purpose and create a heightened sense of space.

#4 Flowing Floor Plan

You ought to be comfortable and happy in your condo, and feel like it is a space that not only looks appealing to your personal requirements but also flows well. 

Having a condo with a floor plan that allows for easy access throughout the property can play a large role in your familiarity and comfort within. Placing large, bulky pieces of furniture or objects in certain spaces can impede access throughout, so you should try to plan your routes through the condo when purchasing one or buying furniture for one. 

#5 Storage Space

A common complaint about condos in Coquitlam is the lack of storage space. The more expensive the condo, the usually the floorplan is much larger and therefore more accommodating towards storage space. If you are yet to purchase a condo in the city, make note of how much storage space is available, and if there are any external storage units you are entitled to use.

If you have already purchased a Coquitlam condo and want to maximize storage space, look towards furniture with a dual purpose. Loft beds or sofas with built-in storage holds are ideal space savers that provide you with varying storage space sizes.

#6 Vertical Space

Condo blocks are built vertically up to the sky to minimize ground usage space, so it would be beneficial to be inspired within your condo. Vertical storage options use the least space. Many condos allow for floor-to-ceiling storage options, such as numerous wall shelves or pull-out murphy beds, which allow you to create space during the day when you aren’t sleeping.

#7 Sight Lines

Unobstructed sight lines give the impression of larger spaces, which is ideal for condo living. If possible, removing walls, room dividers and even doors can help to evoke a larger sense of space, opening your condo up and extending the sight lines. If you wish to use dividers to ‘zone’ your apartment, but still want to create strong sight lines, look towards options that utilize glass so that you can see through them.

#8 Smart Furnishing

With condos presenting challenging layouts for furniture placement, you need to be smart about the types of furniture you have. Before buying any furniture, you should assess what needs you will have in your condo, and ask yourself a number of questions:

  • Will you have guests over frequently to entertain?
  • Are you working from home? Therefore, do you require a designated office space or are you happy to work from the kitchen table/breakfast bar?
  • Where do you watch TV from?

If you are working from home on most days, then you should look for ergonomic, functional furniture to increase your comfort whilst driving affordability. Functionality plays a key part in maximizing condo living, but also a work from home lifestyle.

#9 Themes & Colors

The darker color, the smaller a space may feel. When you are looking to style and furnish your Coquitlam condo, consider the theme you want to achieve and how best to reflect your general mood. It can be beneficial to paint your entire condo white to start off with, giving you the brightest appearance and allowing you to work from there. 

Natural lighting is rarely a problem in most circumstances due to typically large windows, so bright neutral color schemes can help to enhance this. Darker colors when used in minimal quantities can help to draw attention to feature areas of the condo, without detracting all the light.

#10 Practice Minimalism

In order to maximize your condo living, it can be beneficial to practice living minimalistically. Living with only the essentials not only helps you to live wiser and better, but also prevents your condo from feeling cluttered and cramped. Whilst minimal living isn’t for everyone, starting off living in this manner when moving into a Coquitlam condo gives you the idea of what you can and can’t live without, and can therefore adjust your living space accordingly.