When we find ourselves in a position to buy a home, our choices can be driven by a number of factors. Sometimes, it is simply because our hearts are set on a property after a viewing. Other times, it is a decision driven by commodities such as size, proximity to schools, or the surroundings of the local area. When it comes to buying a home in Coquitlam BC, there are plenty of reasons.

The current high demand in Coqitlam’s property market is a testament to residents wanting to stay in the area, or individuals and families wanting to move in from further afield. Currently, Coquitlam properties are on the market for an average of 11 days before being acquired by new occupants, on the back of a record-breaking year for the property market. 

In some instances, properties in Coquitlam are even selling for over 50% of the original asking price. In order for such demand to be created in the first place, there need to be reasons that lure prospective buyers. For Coquitlam, there are certainly some great reasons to make that decision.

#1 The Location

Coquitlam is well situated for the best of everything. It is placed centrally for great access to Metro Vancouver and offers staggeringly majestic views of the nearby Coquitlam Mountain, across to the Golden Ears Provincial Park. It provides the perfect blend of suburban amenities and lifestyle whilst being situated on nature’s doorstep and within a commutable distance to the big city’s downtown core.

If you are looking to live outside of Metro Vancouver but have a job there, then Coquitlam is ideal to commute from. Over recent years, significant investment has been put into improving the connectivity between local areas, including bus routes, the Skytrain, and the West Coast Express.

Furthermore, Coquitlam’s proximity to the surrounding mountain ranges makes it ideal for enthusiasts of outdoor adventures, particularly trail hiking. The Burnaby Mountain Trailhead is particularly popular with outdoor adventure lovers, so if you’re a big fan of exploring the rugged terrain and spectacular views, buying a home in Coquitlam is a great idea. Mundy Park and Rocky Point Park are also great accessible outdoor locations.

#2 The Pricing

Coquitlam is certainly not the cheapest of areas in BC to purchase a home, but the pricing generally reflects the quality of living on offer. In addition, house prices in Coquitlam have been mostly climbing for a considerable number of years, showing very little indication of stopping or even declining. This means that if you were to purchase a home in Coquitlam in the short term, you could consider it an investment in relation to its projected worth in the years to come. Should you come to take the next step on the property ladder in BC further down the line, the increase in value of your Coquitlam property would have a considerable impact on the next property you would be able to afford.

#3 The Community

For the uninitiated, Coquitlam has an excellent sense of community and a welcoming ambiance. The majority of its outdoor spaces, courtyards, and green areas are inviting and aren’t plagued with anti-social behaviour, whilst many parts of the tri-city feature homes with plenty of room to grow. 

The vast stock of residential properties in Coquitlam can accommodate big families, which is excellent news for pre-existing families of a larger headcount, or for young couples who are looking to start and grow a family of their own in the future. The majority of residential areas also boast excellent schools, making Coquitlam an ideal place for families to reside and grow over the years.

#4 The Amenities

Coquitlam is a busy and vibrant city with plenty of goings-on. No desirable place to live would be without a range of amenities, ranging from excellent dining spots to bustling nightlife. 

Coquitlam benefits from an expansive range of nightlife options, bars, and restaurants throughout. There is the perfect blend of family-friendly choices through to the best bars and microbreweries in the area, giving Coquitlam residents a great range of possibilities for getting out of the house. Port Moody in particular is home to a number of recommendable drinking establishments.

#5 The Properties

Perhaps one of the best reasons to buy a home in Coquitlam is the houses themselves. Coquitlam isn’t limited to one or two specific types of housing stock. Instead, it caters to all different types of properties; whether they be standalone detached plots or apartments and condos.

Some properties in Coquitlam, particularly apartments and condos, have been designed in such a way to maximize the community neighborhood feeling. They have been built with social interaction with neighbors in mind, further adding to the sense of community and welcoming ambiance that Coquitlam has to offer.

Many properties benefit from close proximity to great local transport links and the many amenities, whilst others have excellent views overlooking the nearby ports or into the nearby mountains. Whatever your preference of property type, Coquitlam likely has it.

There are plenty of other reasons you could consider when looking to buy a home, particularly in Coquitlam. Ultimately, the decision should be based on what you need both from the surrounding area, and indeed the home you are looking to buy.