You’ve decided it’s time to sell your house. Whether you’ve grown out of your starter home or are downsizing as an empty nester,  as one of your biggest assets, you want to get top dollar for it.

As a team we’ve sold over a thousand homes and through years of experience have learned a thing or two. Here we share a few secrets on the best way to sell your home.

Pricing it right

Having an accurate assessment of the value of your home is important. The final figure is decided upon based on a number of factors. These include comparables of similar properties sold in your neighborhood, competing listings, time of year, inventory and other market considerations. Keep in mind that some flexibility is necessary and the original agreed upon price may have to change.

Keep it light and bright

Open all the blinds and curtains, allow as much natural light in as you can. Upgrade light fixtures and bulbs. Use a bulb that safely gives you the brightest light and add lamps as necessary. A pro tip is to accent with light colors. Accents include bedding, throws, drapes and area rugs. A well lit house makes it feel bigger.

Time your listing

Although not always possible, timing your listing may be advantageous.  Statistically, there are optimal times to sell and listing your home in this block will yield the best price for your home.

The right marketing strategy

Great marketing sells homes, and your home deserves the best!  A beautiful webpage, professional photography and HD video will ensure your house stands out. Effective social media campaigns and email marketing will allow your house to reach thousands of potential buyers by highlighting its best features.

Make sure its clean

Your house should sparkle! Having your house as clean as possible is of the utmost importance.  A dirty house will distract buyers and any potential will go unnoticed. It will turn off buyers.  If this task seems overwhelming, now’s the time to hire a cleaning company. Windows, floors, and bathrooms need special attention.


Eliminate all things that distract buyers from seeing the potential of your house.

Less is more! Let your rooms breath. By removing excess items, you create a more spacious space which is appealing to buyers.


You want your home to appeal to the most buyers possible. Potential buyers are trying to envision their family in your house. Your personality should not be a part of that. The decor should be neutralized for broader appeal.

Make your home available

Be as flexible as you can for showings and buyer visits. The more people that come through your home, the more likely you are to have a interested buyer.

At this time, always leave your home show ready and give the potential buyers privacy to envision it as their own.

Repaint in neutral colours

A fresh coat of paint will instantly refresh your home. Using neutrals such a taupe, cream, and light greys offer the best opportunity to spark more interest from buyers.

Give your exterior some love

Curb appeal matters! This is your home’s first impression. Landscaping should be clean and minimal. Too much and it may seem like a daunting task to maintain. Flower pots decorating the entrance way, a freshly painted door, trimmed shrubs and clean bright outdoor lights.